Food Hygiene in the News

Food Hygiene in the News – Is your training manual up to date?

An Indian restaurant owner was recently charged with manslaughter. A customer was reported to have died after eating food prepared at the restaurant.

Paul Wilson, who had a severe allergy to peanuts, died in January last year after suffering an anaphylactic reaction having eaten a takeaway from the Indian Garden restaurant in Easingwold, north Yorkshire.

The bar manager died in the bathroom of the Oak Tree pub in Helperby, near Thirsk, where he worked.

His death sparked an investigation by the Food Standards Agency into the substitution of peanuts and almonds for more expensive cumin.

Now the Crown Prosecution Service has announced that the Indian Garden restaurant owner Mohammed Khalique Zaman has been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence.

The Lesson – The salutary lesson to be learned is –  what you say and describe on the menu must be in the menu. Any substitutes for whatever reason must be communicated to the team and to the diner. Every customer-facing employee must know the contents of each dish. If there is any doubt do not serve the dish.

The Food Standards Agency

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