Education, Inspiration, Dragons and Networking

The transfer of knowledge and experience is key to the success of any business. To network and share can be inspirational.

cpg_pjea_gradpress_21 Spooners have been invited recently to actively engage with and support several key places of learning. To motivate and educate the young aspirational entrepreneurs is both invigorating and rewarding.

Firstly, Bournemouth & Poole College. The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is an integral part of this excellent college and the team strive to make it an experience and an education for the students rather than just a course. By being student centred and committed to everyone meeting his or her aspirations, time on the course is challenging, inspirational, life-expanding and fun.

With the help of inspirational tutors and a huge range of business speakers, visits and opportunities, the team also help in the personal development of each student, working on confidence, self-belief, education, communication and networking skills.

The uniqueness of this programme is achieved through sharing high expectations and a mutual respect among students, staff and business partners. The Academy provide first class facilities, resources and encouragement to allow their students to believe and achieve and Spooners are delighted to be able to assist. Spooners will mentor, motivate, moderate and enjoy being a Dragon at the end of the course.

Secondly, the Bournemouth University invited Spooners to ‘lecture’, to workshop, with the new MBA recruits and to explain the importance of establishing and maintaining professional links with the local community. See the Local Links presentation here. The Bournemouth MBA is the tailored course for professionals seeking core business and management expertise before extending into one of many several specialisms.  The students are multi-national and highly motivated to succeed.

An excellent example of knowledge transfer occurred recently. A client requested the support of the final year MBA students to ascertain the value and methodology of taking a business to franchise. The five reports and presentations that followed were all excellent and considerable mutual value was extracted from this constructive approach.

It can be beneficial to the individual, the student, the business, the businessman and the institutions to share information, ideas and knowledge. Pick up the phone to your local network groups, colleges and universities and collaborate. Your business and you will benefit.